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code that we implement in
creating each of our
clients' ebooks is
independently checked
and verified by the W3C as being fully compliant


Operating Systems
We guarantee that our conversions are 100% compatible with the major operating systems used
by desktop and laptop
computers and mobile

Our ePub conversions
conform 100% to the official coding protocols established
by the International Digital
Publishing Forum

Ours is a London firm
and all work is produced
in-house. To ensure confidentiality and consistency, we do not outsource any of
the conversions or other assignments that we undertake
to third parties
in the UK or overseas.


Your input format choices

Handwritten manuscripts
Due to the huge variations that occur in the decipherability and legibility of connective (i.e. joined-up) handwritten originals, we are currently unable to accept that form of original copy for conversion. If and when OCR technology improves to the point where we can generate electronic text files from connective handwritten manuscripts at a reasonable cost to our clients, then we shall of course add that option to our services.

If you have a handwritten original where the words are wholly or mainly written out as separate characters, and you have access to a Twain-compliant scanner and Internet connectivity, you may like to try the free evaluation download of Softwriting to see if it works for you. The full version is priced at $89.95. We have not tried it ourselves, so cannot do more than mention it in passing.

Otherwise, you can persuade a family member, friend or work colleague with typing and/or WP skills to undertake the task of recreating the handwritten original in the form of a typewritten manuscript or WP text file in any of a number of acceptable formats. (see below).

Typewritten manuscripts
Writers in particular often have a 'legacy' collection of typewritten manuscripts—including perhaps drafts of partly finished works—created in the days before comparatively inexpensive personal computers and word processing software became available.

We can usually process typewritten manuscripts in single or double spacing through our high-end OCR software to produce a core text file that can then be converted to a Kindle, ePub or PDF ebook. As such manuscripts will have to be mailed to our London office (though they can be delivered by hand), we strongly advise posting or sending a photocopy of the work rather than the original.

PC, Mac and Linux WP or document files
You can provide us with your manuscript in the form of a document or WP file of virtually any type, regardless of whether it has been produced on a laptop or desktop running under the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

Acceptable file types include .txt, .rtf, .pdf, DAT, Word, Wordpad, WordPerfect, LibreOffice, iWork, Text Edit, OpenOffice, and StarOffice. Note that PDF files configured for the production of a physical edition may embody data that makes uncorrupted extraction of the text for coding a considerably lengthy process, so an additional charge will apply in such cases.

When requesting a quote using the Inquiry Form, you may if you wish upload a copy of your manuscript file (up to 100,00 words/2MB) so that we can have a better idea of the work involved. Zip or RAR versions can also be uploaded.

Legacy WP files
Some writers and publishers may have works captured in the form of legacy electronic files on old-style media from the 1970s and 1980s—such as Amiga 3.5in and 5in floppy discs and Amstrad 3in floppy discs for PCW and CPC computers, perhaps containing Locoscript files.

We are usually able to identify reliable third party specialists able at reasonable cost to harvest the data on legacy media and transfer it to a PC/Mac floppy disc or USB stick. For further information, please use the Inquiry Form to provide details of the type of legacy media you want remastered for the purpose of conversion to an ebook.

Printed hardbacks and paperbacks
Many published authors whose original manuscripts were in the form of typescript may have mislaid or lost their carbon copy; cannot retrieve the original top copy used by their publisher; or want to republish as an ebook the printed version of their work because it will embody any agreed sub-editing and corrections and amendments made to proofs.

In that event, we can OCR scan a hardback or paperback and from that produce a text file in any of the popular word processor formats—including Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and StarOffice. We then supply the author with a copy of that document file, to allow further revisions or updating before our work on the ebook edition begins.

Where the work is comparatively modern and replaceable, we typically deconstruct the hardback or paperback for ease of scanning. If the volume is valuable or irreplaceable, we use a purpose-designed, open-edge scanner that allows the volume to be left wholly intact and for pages to be captured one at a time, without stressing the spine.

OCR scanning is time-consuming and, when we do it, involves two separate checks for full textual accuracy and presentation in the final WP file. We are therefore obliged to make an additional charge of 10p per page of printed book when that service is required—though as always, we offer a discount on orders for the conversion of two or more titles or ebook formats.

Hard media options
Some authors may prefer to present their manuscripts (including illustrations where applicable) to us in the form of CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, memory cards or USB memory sticks.

We are happy to accept manuscripts in any of those forms but as they will have to be entrusted to the post (though they can be delivered by hand to our London office), please make sure that you have made at least one back-up copy on the hard drive of your desktop or laptop computer or on another CD-R, DVD-R or USB stick.

Adobe InDesign/Quark XPress masters
Many publishers use Adobe InDesign to produce in-house content-perfect files that can be used by their printers to produce physical books by litho, web offset or gravure. We can also accept Adobe InDesign file sets for reinterpretation as flowing or fixed-format ebooks.

Our charges will inevitably vary from project to project. Please use the Inquiry Form in the first instance to describe your requirements, as the first step in our being able to submit a quote for the work involved.

MS Access & Excel tables
We are usually able to incorporate MS Access and/or MS Excel content into an ebook. Please use the Inquiry Form in the first instance to describe your requirements, as the first step in our being able to submit a quote for the work involved.


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