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eBook formats and apps

The .mobi format is unique to Amazon Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets. Free apps available to download from Amazon make it possible to read Kindle ebooks on a laptop or desktop PC; a Mac desktop computer or iPad; and on a number of mobile devices—including phablets and tablets that run under the Android operating system.

All the official free apps currently available are described at and can be downloaded from Kindle Stores. We have found all the Amazon Kindle apps to work well on the various hosts for which they are intended.

Kindle Fire Tablet Fixed Layout
The Kindle Fire tablets are (like iPads) capable of displaying fixed-layout ebooks where the author requires text, illustrations, photographs and other elements to appear as they would on the printed page – not be subject to the repositioning that flowable-text ereaders and apps provide to enable the reader to select the typeface and size.

The .epub file format has been around several years, so is the most widely adopted among ebook producers, distributors and retailers—being the weapon of choice for downloads from iTunes iBookstores, Kobo Books and other leading online retailers.

Mobile devices other than Kindle ereaders and Kindle Fire tablets come pre-installed with an epub-compatible app for reading ebooks but alternatives are available to download free or for a small charge.

Probably the most widely used third-party app for reading epub-format ebooks is Adobe Digital Editions for Windows and Mac OSX laptops and desktops. It's also pre-installed on some mobile devices. ADE allows you to purchase and download ebooks; manage your library of free or DRM titles; borrow, and transfer your library to other computers or devices.

The ADE reader is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional versions and supports ePub books in several languages. Display and functionality are first rate. There's also an online help guide in several languages.

Tablets, phablets and smartphones using the Android operating system are well served by ebook apps. They include Aldiko, CoolReader and Moon+ Pro.

Other Android-platform choices can be found in the Google Play store: type ebook reader as the search term. Note that not all Android-system devices (particularly budget tablets of the kind one might find on eBay) support third-party apps and/or pay-for DRM-protected titles, so do check before you buy.

ePub fixed layout
(Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone)
Apple's free iBooks app for offers, downloadable from the Apple Store, offers exciting possibilities for publishers and authors. Fixed-layout ebooks can largely replicate their printed counterparts when viewed on any of Apple's three principal mobile platforms.

Fixed layout mode offers pixel-specific page sizing to control the precise positioning of images and text; true two-page spreads and the use of embedded fonts. The technique is thus ideal for producing ebook versions of children's books and cookery, travel and art books; graphic novels; and technical manuals or guides where text must appear at specific locations alongside illustrative content.

See also our section on reflowable and fixed layout illustrated books.

Comic books and graphic novels
If an ebook comprises wholly illustrative content (in which case the word search and other functions of a conventional ereader are not required), it can be produced in the form of a compressed RAR, Zip or PDF file. The work can then be viewed on a laptop or desktop, as well as on some mobile devices for which content-specific apps are available.

For laptops and desktops running Windows, the most popular (free) ecomic readers include ComicRack and Cover Comic Reader. ComicBookLover.

Apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad include the Zeal Comic Reader and Comic Book Lover. The latter is also available for Mac OSX laptops and desktops.

There is also a fair number of apps for Android mobile devices. They include A Comic Viewer, Perfect Viewer, jjComics Viewer and Komik Reader. Make sure you choose an app compatible with the version of Android that your device uses.

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